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Eric Lee

Toronto, ON, CAN — Independent IT Consultant 35+ years experience with IT and technological problem-solving. 2+ years implementing and supporting CORE-POS for the West End Food Co-op in Toronto. Passionate about open-source and applying skills to businesses that provide benefit to their communities.

John Purdy

Minneapolis, MN — Wedge Co-op, IT Department — 10+ years developing for and maintaining IS4C for high-volume operations, food retail, warehouse, commissary, etc. 10+ years experience with retail grocery IT. Hardware specialist.

Andy Theuninck

Duluth, MN — Whole Foods Co-op, IT Manager —  Developer of the original CORE-POS distribution of IS4C, as well as the re-write of Fannie for CORE-POS. Hardware integration specialist and developer of the scanner-scale, and credit card terminal drivers that currently ship with CORE-POS. 10+ years experience managing IT operations for food co-ops. 5+ years […]

Joel Brock

Portland, OR — Independent IT Consultant & Technologist 10+ years of dedicated IT support for cooperatives. 8+ years developing and implementing IS4C + Fannie for consumer co-ops around the US. 4+ years developing and implementing CORE-POS. Instrumental in the porting of IS4C to Free and Open-Source Software (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Developed the original Fannie […]