Tier I Technical Support Training

Having a trained tech support person close at hand can be mighty handy at times! We will train one or several of your own staff in basic POS hardware and software troubleshooting. Roughly 80-90% of all issues can be nipped in the bud using the tips from this training session. This one is HIGHLY recommended for all stores running CORE:POS.

Fannie For Buyers

The CORE:POS backend suite of software–lovingly referred to as Fannie–has many powerful tools for optimizing the buyers time, and allowing them to focus on the work that matters. This training will cover all facets of Item Maintenance, Batching (Sales, Price Changes), Shelftags, Subdepartments + Categories, Movement Reporting, and yes, much more!

Fannie for Finance

This training is tailored for Finance departments, we’ll dive in depth into Fannie’s many reporting options. This is a good opportunity to provide detailed feedback to our team about what you’d really love to see in the reporting

Database Management

Only geeks need apply! So, if you’ve ever celebrated π day, please proceed. For the expanding co-op interested in adding a POS or Scan Coordinator position to the team. This training will introduce a technically proficient individual to the databases that make CORE-POS work. Using this knowledge the POS Coordinator can begin to quickly and easily manipulate large sets of data and perform maintenance an upkeep on your products and customer tables.