Custom POS Support

Point of Sale is one of the most important components of a retail business. It is a system that impacts and influences many operational practices. We specialize in providing support and customization for CORE POS, a free, open source point of sale system. A customizable point of sale has several advantages and the Tech Support Cooperative helps large and small organizations fully leverage its benefits.

You decide how the software should work. Customization means a business can first decide how they want to operate and then the software is tailored to match. You should be final decision maker rather than a software vendor.

Membership matters. For cooperatives, membership is of the utmost importance. It shouldn’t be an optional feature bolted onto an existing system. CORE POS is built from the ground up around members rather than merely customers. Membership rules and structure can vary significantly amongst co-ops and this is an area where customization shines. Different models for types of membership or equity obligations or discount structures can all be built into the system.

Community. Sharing and cooperation is intrinsic to the system. Ideas and features can easily be shared among different cooperatives.



IS Strategy + Support

Technology is an ever changing and growing part of modern businesses. In smaller business, it can become especially daunting as one or two people are wearing many hats wrangling various systems. The Tech Support Cooperative can alleviate stress by answering questions, explaining available options, and suggesting best practices. If it has a screen or plugs into a wall, feel free to ask about it. If we can’t provide the solution directly, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.



Operations Excellence

Bringing decades of retail technology experience, our team can raise the bar in your organization. The Tech Support Cooperative can identify areas where technology is under utilized and give suggestions for greater efficiency. Our background in custom software development in particular helps us locate opportunities to automate repetitive tasks. Working with a number of independent-minded businesses means we’ve seen a variety of approaches and solutions to different problems. There’s not always one right answer, especially in co-ops where strong opinions are the norm, but we can use our experience to predict potential pros and cons of decisions.